Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before It Melts

I'll post some snow pictures. I didn't get many because, honestly, I hate cold weather and I especially don't like to be wet and cold. My wardrobe is not conducive to snow.

Kingston checked out the snow from his vantage point on the couch.

And then checked it out with Dad.

Able liked the snow, too. Don't animals' feet get frozen walking on the snow?!

Kingston wore layers. And layers. And layers. I dressed him as if he were going to the arctic tundra!

See? We had a lot of snow.

Hanging in the yard with Dad, Pappy and Ms. Brandi. Didn't stay out there too long.

Snow was fun. Now I'm ready for it to melt already! I was supposed to go out with some girls last night but we cancelled due to weather. Bummer. We will be rescheduling. Snow, schmow.


Melissa said...

How fun!

Please know that I am jealous ;)

Rendy said...

I think the father, son snow time was important so Mom needed to stay inside where it was warm and dry. Right? I'm ready for spring!

Mandy said...

The snow was nice for a couple days but I'm so glad it's gone! Thanks for the advice and I hope that I do love it so that I can go back to work but if not I'll just have to be one of those good ole stay at home moms :)