Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh, What a Day. . .

. . . and it's only 1:30!

We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Kingston and Nigel's favorites, respectively.

At one point, I think the whole thing was in his mouth. Yum.

We all 3 went to Manteo for haircuts. Thanks for Kingston's first haircut, Anna! You are the best!

The finished product. Just a little trim across the front, over the ears and in the back.

Then we met W, S and H at the NC Aquarium. It was Kingston's first time looking at the fish (because when we went to the crazy Halloween night he didn't really get a good look!). He probably would have enjoyed it more if he wasn't about to pass out tired, but he went through the whole thing in his stroller and never wanted to get out, so he must have been at least somewhat entertained!
Help, Mom! The shark is trying to get me!
After the aquarium we had lunch at the Hungry Pelican. Thanks, W, S and H! We had so much fun. Is H still asking if different actions are "no-no's"? Good luck with that one!
I wonder what this afternoon will bring, post-nap? I am planning on cooking something very uninspiring for dinner. I don't want Kingston to start to think we have this much fun all day, every day!!!



Rendy said...

Kingston was handsome before the haircut and handsome after the haircut...he's just one handsome guy! Sounds like another good day for the Haynes family.

Lee said...

Cute first haircut pictures. It looks like he was sitting still!