Monday, January 26, 2009


1. Kingston seems to be feeling tons better. He didn't throw up all night and only woke up coughing once but only for a minute. He ate breakfast and drank some water and is now taking a nap. Whew! First major sickness done.

2. I went to check out Ms. Cindy's daycare this morning. I love Ms. Cindy! I think we are going to send Kingston to her 2, maybe 3 days a week. It will be so good for him and me, too, I think. Ms. Cindy is more expensive than some of the other people I have looked into, but overall I think it is worth it. There were 4 little boys there this morning and I knew all of their parents! I also know some of the other kids who go there in the summer. We have to let Ms. Cindy know by Thursday. Childcare drama done. I think.

3. Now if I can just get my W-2 from my part-time bookkeeping job, we will be on our way to a tax refund that will keep us from going in the red.


Lauren said...

So glad Kingston is better!

Rendy said...

Yeah! Kingston is feeling better and the daycare problems are solved. Life must be looking good for the Haynes family.