Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I'm jumping right in before I forget the "Not Me"s that I just thought of. If you're new here, I'll explain in a minute!

---I have NOT neglected and/or forgotten to post "Not Me Monday" for the past, say, 10 Mondays. I'm always SO on the ball.

---I have NOT given Kingston unwashed blueberries and strawberries in the grocery store the last 2 times we've been just to keep him quiet and not trying to get out of the cart. Gross. Who would do that? And I have definitely NOT started a new routine for shopping, and now he expects something sweet as soon as we get in the produce department. Good thinking, Mom!

---I would NEVER enjoy a day of working at a wedding expo all day, talking to a bunch of high-strung brides, simply because I got to do it without a toddler hanging on my leg. And my dear husband would NEVER be totally exhausted when I got home after spending the whole day in the house with Kingston. Us moms don't really work very hard. ALL we do is stay at home with a kid all day. That doesn't take ANY energy at all. Why would we be tired at the end of the day?

---I am NOT wondering if my kid will EVER walk.

---I did NOT nearly freak on Kingston yesterday when he dumped the dog's full water bowl over and then crawled through the said water. Did I mention that I wasn't trying to cook dinner at the time and that Nigel was officially "off duty" as soon as I got home? Right.

So those are my Not Me's for this fine Monday. If you don't know, Not Me Monday is "sponsored" by MckMama over on her blog, My Charming Kids. It is tons of fun to let it all out and tell all of my thousands of readers (giggle) what I didn't do this week (but that I might have done if I were to do such things). Go to MCK's and check out what other people didn't do. Or hey, get crazy and leave me a comment and tell me what you didn't do! Take a walk on the wild side! I mean, it is Monday. Go nuts.


5littleones said...

Kids sure do love those dog dishes. My children cant keep the hands away.

Rendy said...

I did not keep sneaking in my desk drawer and getting a piece of dark chocolate after I ate the "one-a- day" portion...not me! I did not call a co-worker out on not being planned for her day today...not me. Hey that does feel good!

Deborah said...

I'm so happy to read you Not Me's since my 2 year old was eating unwahsed grapes at Target today. I felt like such a bad Mommy when I let him! As far as the dog, Connor would move outside with her if I'd let him so I'm sure he's been in her water plenty of times and lived to tell about it!