Sunday, January 25, 2009

Father of the Year

That would be Nigel.

Right before I left for dinner with girlfriends, Kingston threw up in his highchair. We both tried to make up excuses as to why he threw up, trying NOT to believe it had anything to do with having spent yesterday morning with his little buddy Riley, who threw up twice yesterday afternoon. I was determined to go out to dinner with my girls since we were supposed to go on Tuesday but got snowed in. Nigel did not ask me to stay home, so away I went.

I got a phone call not long after arriving at Mama Kwan's. Nigel rarely calls me when I'm out with the girls. He's good like that. He just wanted me to know that Kingston had thrown up again in the bath tub and again after drinking some water. He said he was okay and didn't need me to come home. He didn't call me again until 8:30 to tell me that Kingston had not held anything down and was now throwing up nothing but liquid. It was time to come home.

When I walked in the door I saw Nigel on the couch with Kingston in his lap and a palm full of throw-up and a pacifier. Kingston was very happy to see Mom and I think Nigel was even happier! I took over puke duty and actually got Kingston to drink some Gatorade and keep it down. I held him for a bit to make sure it was staying down and then finally put him to bed at about 9:45. So far so good. Poor little guy. I hope he is over it now.

I was so very impressed with Nigel's grace under pressure. He did all the right things in a very unfamiliar situation. It is amazing how such things can make you love your husband even more than you already do. Who knew that having him stay home cleaning up puke and taking care of a sick baby could pull at my heartstrings? It totally worked. I nominate Nigel for Father AND Husband of the Year.

And I'm so happy that Kingston seems to be feeling better. Oh, and I'm terribly sorry for using the words throw up and puke so many times in one post. Gross.


Melissa said...

Aw. Glad Kingston is feeling better. I hope it doesn't spread through the family, though!

What a tropper Nigel is!

'Mrs. B' said...

Funny what a little puke will do ;)

Rendy said...

Now that's a Dad that loves his little boy!