Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures Are So Fun

And since they are so fun, I thought I would share a few. Have you noticed how wordy I've been lately and not so picturey? (Yeah, I made those words up.) I was tired of the average pictures my camera takes inside and was really looking forward to taking some good pictures with natural light. I got a few keepers that I've been looking forward to sharing.

Kingston and I got a good giggle over his hair on another of the really cold days last week. I was giggling because I could see what the microfiber couch was doing to his baby-fine hair. He was probably just giggling because I was giggling.

One day this week (I can't seem to remember which day exactly. I must have vomited that memory out yesterday) Kingston and I went into the backyard to play. We are sorely lacking in the backyard toy department so we had to make do. (And just a side note: Uncle Mark was supposed to build a swing set for Kingston for his birthday/Christmas present but funds got a little tight right about the time he was going to start it. Let's just say it's a good thing Kingston doesn't understand promises just yet. Can you imagine how disappointed he would be if he were a few years older?) Can you identify what Kingston ended up playing on?

Yep. The heat pump. He really liked walking along the side of it. Around and around. Over and over. Man, we need some outdoor toys! And speaking of man. . . Man down!

One minor reason why we haven't spent a lot of time outside lately is what happens when we come inside. Tragic, really.

This was the last picture of my cute decorative ladder before I had to move it due to the curiosity of my boy child. It was really only a matter of time before he tried to climb it. Better safe than sorry.

Pictures are fun, agreed? I can't wait for warmer weather and yard toys. We will be outside and snapping shots like it's our job! Maybe Uncle Mark will win the lottery and build that swing set. . . Or maybe we'll just wait til Christmas 2012.

**Update: Thanks for changing my blog header, Eden! It looks great. But then again, I think you had some good material to work with :).

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Melissa said...

Not many people can pull hair styles off like that, Kingston. It's a good look on you. You could totally rock it!