Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hold Onto Your Hats!

We've got big news here. Kingston ate raisins for the first time today. And dried peaches. And loved them both.

I've gotten pretty slack about finding good snacks for Kingston, and the old trusty Cheez-It's really weren't cutting it anymore. (Have you ever seen a kid turn down a cheese cracker?! Kingston is offended that I even offer them to him. He dismisses them with a firm shake of his head. And he was never into Cheerios. Seriously?) So while obsessing over perusing MckMama's blog, I noted the picture of Small Fry with her foot on the table and her apparent snack of raisins. Now, Small Fry is a few months older than Kingston, so she may be a bit advanced, but if I remember correctly, she has even fewer than the 6 teeth that Kingston currently has. So if Small Fry can do raisins, so can Kingston. And can he ever! He loved the little nuggets. Much more, I must admit, than his mother does, but probably not as much as his Grandpa. Grandpa will put a raisin on or in anything! Peanut butter and raisins sandwich? Eeeewww! Now, an oatmeal raisin cookie? I'm game!! (And since I have cut out sugar for a little bit, that sounds really, really good right now.)

So having snacks on the brain, Kingston and I headed to Food Lion. After grabbing a few things for dinner (nothing great, not worth posting about) we went for the raisin aisle. The raisins that I fed Kingston this morning were leftovers from over a year ago, so I wanted to get him some freshies that would probably be a little softer and tastier. (Why do I remember when I bought the raisins? Well, because I bought the raisins because of Kingston and what his birth did to my digestive system and bathroom parts, that's why. Sorry. Too much information.) I thought Kingston might like some other versions of dried fruit, and he was starting to get fussy as I looked. I grabbed the first thing I saw. Dried peaches. I pulled one out and realized that they were 1/2 peaches and huge and tough. But I had already opened the bag. I'll admit, I thought for a second about just putting it back on the shelf but I did no such thing. (My mother once ate a peice of candy from the pound candy bins that used to be in Food Lion when I was a kid without paying for it and probably still stresses about it to this day. Do you, Mom? I come by honesty honestly!) Instead, I went for it. I gave him the whole thing. He loved it! And it lasted the entire shopping trip, and the ride home. He couldn't chew it, more gnaw/suck on it. Not until we started walking up the stairs into the house did he cram the whole thing into his mouth (for the first time! I know, I was shocked that he hadn't done it sooner, too!) only to have me fish it out and throw it away. 1 dried peach 1/2. Entertainment for at least 30 minutes. Well worth it.

So now we have 2 new, very healthy snacks added to Kingston's repertoire. I'm so excited! You are, too. Admit it. Now please don't think about my mother any differently. It was one chocolate covered peanut. You've done it before, too. Admit it.


Rendy said...

Okay....I admit it....I was the one that stole the one chocolate covered peanut! Not only did I steal the food, I obviously made a deep impression on my little girl. How can she ever have any respect for me after what I did? I'm sorry....I really am! But I am so glad that Kingston and Grandpa can enjoy some raisin feasts in the future. Nice choice for snacks! Be healthy!

'Mrs. B' said...

Riya loves raisins too! I'm not sure if it's the actual raisins or the fact that she can carry around the little boxes by herself. She also loves the dried (oceanspray?) cranberry & raisins ones...I was sure they'd be too tart but she practically inhaled them.