Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Wants Cake?

I wish I could slice this huge cake up and send a piece to all of my blog readers. All 3 of you!

The cake.

The frosting. Man my arms are hairy. Just kidding. Nigel did the frosting.

The finished product. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

A few slices missing. It was a very pretty cake. It tasted pretty good, too. It was a little more dense than I expected, but I am chalking that up to the fact that I think the baking soda that I have in my cabinet is the only can I've ever bought and I think I bought it about 5 years ago. And considering this recipe called for 4 teaspoons. . . Oops. Regardless, the flavor of the cake was yum.

Kingston really enjoyed the cake. He got all jacked up on sugar and was crawling circles around me. Literally. He finally went to bed at 8:45.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes in one technological way or another. I've gotten texts, picture texts with sound, messages on my Facebook wall, comments on MySpace and emails. I actually did get a few phone calls, too, which was nice-thanks Lars and Brandy. My mom and dad bought us dinner at La Fogota and then came over for cake and presents. They always do too much. Thanks, Mom and Dad. For everything. And thanks, Nigel, for helping me bake my birthday cake. I didn't find any egg shell in my piece!

I had a great birthday. 31. I'm officially in my "early thirties." Hooray.


'Mrs. B' said...

Happy Birthday! You're cake looks amazing!!

Rendy said...

The cake was really yummy as well as beautiful. Your Nana would be proud of you everyday but she would really smile at how much you enjoy cooking and making a wonderful home for your family. Kingston's Nana is so proud of her little girl too!

Melissa said...

Happy (belated) Birthday.

Glad you had a great day!

Enjoy the cake :)