Sunday, September 21, 2008

9 Months Old!

Yesterday, Kingston turned 9 months old. I can't believe it. He has now officially been on the outside longer than he was on the inside! Nine months has gone by quicker than I ever imagined. Do you think time really has sped up over the years, or does your perception of time change as you get older? Remember when a year seemed like a REALLY, REALLY long time? Now a year is over in a flash. Crazy.

To celebrate Kingston's birthday, I went out to dinner with some girlfriends! We went to Ocean Boulevard and had a great meal and some yummy martinis. Good food, good drinks and great friends. Since I didn't get to go out of town and be with my college girlfriends, I thought it was only fair that I splurge a little and go out with my local friends, one of which has been a good friend since before pre-school. We had lots of good topics of conversation, including husbands who say things like, "Babe, your arms are starting to look like your mother's. You know a little cottage-cheesy," to who does what on their Facebook page, to how cool mini vans really are. We also discussed how some people put every last picture that is on their camera in their online photo albums that they share. It is a pet peeve of mine. I mean, do you have to share the blurry, off-centered ones? And what about the ones turned sideways? Kodak Gallery makes it really easy to rotate the pics and "fix" them if need be. And, of course, Brandy and I agreed that we only send the pictures where everyone is looking good, especially ourselves. Why would I send a picture where my rolls are hanging over my jeans? No one wants to see that! And no one wants to see a bunch of unhappy people, either.

Having said that, I will share a few pictures of Kingston from his 9 month birthday. He was sad one minute (probably won't make my next Kodak Gallery!)

and then he was happy again the next minute.

Happy 9 month birthday, Boo Boo! I promise to only send out and post the really good pictures of you.
And speaking of pictures, I am hosting a Picture Party for Brooke Mayo! I am TOTALLY excited about this. Be in touch if you want more information on that. It's a great chance to have Brooke take pictures of your kids, pets, you and your family and you don't have to pay a sitting fee. Let me know if you want to participate. It is going to be great, I just know it!

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Rendy said... the years go by.....they go more quickly. Bet you never thought you would agree with that! Just think of the wonderful memories that you have made and will make with those you love. The photo shoot with Brooke sounds great! Grandpa and Uncle Mark have agreed to can Nigel say no now? Let me know how I can help.
Love, Mom