Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Official

Don't leave the room for more than 20 seconds. Move the dog bowl to a higher elevation. Put the vacuum behind a closed door. Make sure the sliding glass door is closed. Shut the door to the doggy kennel.

Kingston is crawling.

Not your traditional, hands and knees crawl, but don't let that fool you. This kid can army crawl across the room in 2.4 seconds flat! He doesn't seem to lift his upper body off the floor (uh oh, hope he doesn't have Mom's upper body strength-or lack thereof!) but his bum gets off the ground and his little toes push with all they have! I have been so used to going in the kitchen and turning around to see him sitting in the middle of the living room floor playing. Now I turn around and he is no longer in my line of sight. The split second thought is "who took my baby?" and then I smile and go searching for him. His favorite spots so far are the sliding glass door, the dog bowl and Able's pen. He is also obsessed with the vacuum and followed Nigel around the house yesterday as he did some cleaning! He even managed to push down the button that releases the handle and it promptly went crashing to the ground. Luckily he was sitting on the side of the vacuum and not behind it. Maybe we need to invest in a toy vacuum that isn't quite so dangerous!

So now we have the proverbial double edged sword. He is much entertained for longer periods of time by himself. However, we cannot take an eye off of him for a second or who knows where he will end up? So look out! If we come to visit, be ready to be on your toes! It's official. Kingston is crawling.

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