Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wagons, Swings and Hand-Me-Downs

What a fun family Sunday!

Kingston and I finally put together the Radio Flyer wagon that Grandpa gave him for Christmas. As you can see, Kingston was a big help.

Once it was deemed structurally sound, we went to Farmer2Fork and grabbed some lunch on the go. We headed to the Hayman Street park and had a picnic in the grass!! Or, more accuratly, on the fuzzy blanket that Grandma from our local Thai restaurant, The Thai Room (go figure), gave us for a baby present. (Don't ask. We aren't really sure, either!)

After stuffing our faces with yummy empanadas and a chicken burrito, we loaded Kingston up and Nigel took him for a ride in his wagon! What fun!

There was a pit stop at the swing and the rock climing wall,

and then it was back in the wagon. This time for a faster ride since he was on his stomach with no fear of toppling out the back!

Tonight, while Nigel and I ate dinner, Kingston sat in his new chair toy with his new table toy in front of him while he watched a Baby Einstein movie. Can you say, "overstimulated?"! The new toys were hand-me-downs from Curren Breiholz and Kingston loves them. Thanks, Elaine! We love recycled toys.

The whole day was a big hit. Good food, good wagon, good toys, good family time. Happy Sunday!

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Rendy said...

It looks it is time to retire the jumperoo and go for the table and chairs! He looks so cute in these pictures..............of course. Grandpa says, "Every boy needs a wagon!" Nana agrees...........