Monday, September 15, 2008

Shop Til You Drop

I'm not going to, but you should! Tonight I went to my friends' trunk show for their web site It was really cool. They have tons of really cute stuff. It is all a lot more expensive than I tend to spend on clothes, but then again, a $5.00 T-shirt is more than I can afford at the moment! I am so proud of all the work these 2 girls have put into their site and it seems as if they are getting quite busy these days. They have had 2 recent orders from Utah, for which Brandi figures the Mormons must have good taste and like to shop!

It was cool to see the items I have drooled over live and in person. Some of my favorites were the Steffie Top, the Elephant Minidress, and my all-time favorite, the Drape Cardigan. I didn't even try anything on, for fear that I would put something on my credit card. I had amazing self control and only left with a tiny buzz from the 2 glasses of champagne.

There are SO many things I need to spend my money on before I buy fun new expensive clothes. For example, my car, which is STILL being fixed with no completion date in sight. I can't even talk about that at the moment.

If I had an extra dollar I would play the lottery. Oh, the things I would buy from then! And I would just let that guy keep my car for parts and I would buy a brand new something or other.

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