Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Magical Mechanism

Remember this post? About the vacuum? Well, I'm still a fan. Maybe not so much to clean the entire floor, as that takes forever, but definitely to clean up piles of sand, spilled powdered formula (yuck!) and crumbs from the highchair that Able hasn't snarfed up yet.

I now have a new use for it. It is a magical mechanism that can hypnotize my son and lead him anywhere I want him to go. Kingston will stop whatever he is doing to chase the Dirt Devil. Since he is super mobile these days, he has started heading to places unknown and unacceptable. All we have to do is grab the vacuum and lead him away. The best diversion EVER! AND, we are cleaning in the process. How great!


I think I hear Dirt Devil calling. They want Kingston to model for them. Cookies and vacuums? This kid is going to be busy!

1 comment:

Rendy said...

I can certainly understand why all of these companies want Kingston for their model. after you see this little could you settle for anyone else?
Love, Mom