Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cars and Insurance

They suck but you gotta have them. Can't afford to have them but you can't afford not to, either.

I am currently carless. Well, not exactly since my boss, Will, has so graciously let me borrow his truck until things get worked out. My car was totally devoid of all coolant this morning when I went out to get in it to start my car shopping journey. I filled it up and headed to High Cotton to make a quick pit stop before really getting on the road. About a mile from the restaurant, the menacing "STOP" light started flashing again. I was overheating. AGAIN! How was I supposed to drive to a dealership if I couldn't even get a few miles down the road? Ugh.

Will offered me his truck and found a guy to come take another look at my car. The guy, of course, couldn't see what needed fixing because it is hidden under the motor. So Will got someone to tow it to the garage to be fixed or patched or diagnosed or something. I also have a call in to a reputable car salesman who knows my story and is willing to help as much as he can.

I have been stressing over my car for the past week and it is really taking a toll on every aspect of my life. I am usually the positive one thinking we will find a way to get through anything. But for some reason, this whole episode has gotten me pretty down and I've had to adjust my attitude and start hoping for the best. Temporarily, I have left things to Will to figure out since he just seemed to jump right in and start making things happen. He is relieving my stress and I like that.

You've heard of the Tooth Fairy, right? Well, if anyone comes across a Car Fairy, please let me know. I'm desperate. Thanks.

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Melissa said...

Good luck. I know how stressfull it can be to be worrying about a car. ugh. cars.

Will is great! :)