Saturday, September 13, 2008


We had a busy day today. We shopped for a birthday present, went to Bear Drugs, High Cotton (twice), co-hosted a wedding shower (I'll do a separate post for that next), went to Rundown Cafe for dinner, napped (one and a half times), all at some point in the day, but not necessarily in that order. Somehow, however, we managed to find some time to explore and play.

Kingston discovered a cabinet in the kitchen that he can call his very own. As small as our kitchen is, he managed to take over the entire floor with his silliness. I stepped back and let him have at it. It was so fun to watch him play.

This afternoon Kingston somehow got one of his toys under a chair in the living room. He scooted under the front rung and got his head and shoulders under the chair. I thought he was only trying to get to the cord that was behind the chair. Since we are trying to keep Kingston from grabbing and yanking cords, I went over to coax him away from it. I then realized that he couldn't get out. He couldn't put his head down low enough to scoot out backwards! I had to go rescue him and lift up the chair while pushing his head down so that he could get out!!! Then, while I was chatting on the phone I noticed that he seemed to be chewing on something. I didn't think he had been anywhere near anything he could have put in his mouth but I did the finger swipe through the mouth anyway. What did I find? A piece of Able's dog food! Gross! I knew it would happen. It happened today. He must have found it amidst the dust under the chair.

So we had a good busy day today. At least we found time to play.

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