Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aaaachooooo! Sniff, Sniff! Cough.

Yeah. We have colds. All of us. I started this whole fiasco on Monday with a sore throat and runny nose. That has since progressed to a full head, snot for days and a post nasal drip cough when I lay down. Yesterday morning I noticed Kingston sneezing a few times and feeling a little warm. As the day went on, so did his symptoms. By dinner time he has a dripping nose and was acting a little "off". Now this morning, Nigel has a scratchy throat. Great. Fun times.

Last night at the dinner table, Kingston was enjoying his big boy dinner of macaroni with a tomato Florentine sauce when out of the blue, Nigel burped. Really loud. Poor little boy nearly jumped out of his seat and turned bright red and started to cry uncontrollably. That was when we knew something was wrong. I mean, Nigel burps at the dinner table all the time. It doesn't usually even phase Kingston!

Trying to get Kingston to sleep was a whole other matter. If only babies could blow their nose. Every time I brought out the nose sucker-outer, he would cry hysterically. Hates it. So I would put it away and try to rock him to sleep. Finally that worked and he only woke up 3 times in the night. And how do you suck on a pacifier when you can't breathe? No good.

So this morning Kingston is rosy-cheeked and snotty. But that hasn't stopped him from playing. He just leaves a snot trail behind and the dog really enjoys cleaning that up.

There is nothing worse in life than seeing your child hurting and uncomfortable and knowing there is nothing you can do to help. I take comfort in the fact that misery loves company but I'm not sure how to explain that to a 10 month old!

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Rendy said...

Poor little man! I hope that he and Mom are both feeling better by now. You are hurts to see your children feel bad.