Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lame Mom

I am so lame. I can't seem to take the camera with me anywhere these days! Yesterday Kingston and I went to Nana's school's Pumpkin Fair and Kingston sat in the "pumpkin patch" with Nana while I picked out a good little pumpkin to take home. At least 4 people commented that we needed to take a picture of him amidst the pumpkins. Can you believe neither of us had a camera with us?! Good thing Mrs. Ward at least got a shot of us to prove that we were there!

Then today, Family Fun Sunday, we went to the park AND to the beach and didn't have the camera with us. After swinging and climbing trees at the park, I attached Kingston's hands to the hanging rings and he hung there by himself for at least 10 seconds! It was hilarious. We might have a gymnast on our hands. Nigel is hoping the male gymnast outfits will get a little more acceptable by the time Kingston would be wearing them!

At the beach, Kingston managed to avoid eating the sand-or maybe he was just planning on taking the sand that he scooped up with the neck of his onesie while crawling home with him for a snack.

My goal in the next few days is to take some pictures of us doing fun things! I swear we had fun this week. I just don't have the pictures to prove it.


Rendy said...

You are definitely NOT a lame mom! You are a wonderful mom and you make your mom so proud every day. I am going to try and keep my camera in the car so that I don't miss those photo moments either. Remember that I said I would try............
Love, Your Mom

Suz said...

Lame Mom? My goodness, girl...where did you EVER get that idea? Ya know, you just can't have your camera all the time, and BTW, when your kid is as cute as Kingston is, EVERYONE will want to take pictures of him!!! It was good to see you.