Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Can you believe it is Monday again?! Crazy how time flies these days.

Well, let's jump right in.

I DID NOT. . .

. . . let Kingston go to bed every night this past week without brushing his teeth. He's going to lose them eventually anyway, right?

. . . watch Kingston pull DVD's off of the TV stand and let him drop them on the floor. And all of those DVD's are not in a pile on the floor now, still.

. . . try on everything in my closet yesterday morning, looking for something to wear to church. And all of those clothes are not in a pile on my floor now, still.

. . . miss an entire fall/winter season of clothes last year because I was pregnant or just had a baby. Having said that, I definitely have tons of cute things to wear this fall/winter. I'm so excited about all of the fun clothes I have to wear. Right.

. . . just almost buy a bunch of cute girl stuff on to give to whoever I know that has a girl just so that I could buy the really cute girl stuff! I never look at the cute girl stuff just to look. Nope.

That's all I can think of that I didn't do. For better Not Me's, go on over to My Charming Kids and check out the other people's Not Me's. I'm sure they are much better at remembering what they didn't do than I am!

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Kameron said...

My boy is 16 months and it is so hard to brush his teeth. he'd rather just suck on the toothbrush. I am hating my winter wardrobe too for almost the same reason. I just don't want to go out and buy all new stuff since I am still loosing the weight!