Friday, October 3, 2008

I Can't Believe. . .

. . . that Kingston and I finally got together with Eden and Riya! I had a haircut in Manteo this morning so afterwards we headed to Nana and Grandpa's boat that is docked at the Manteo Waterfront. Eden and Riya met us on the boat and we had a fun time playing and talking!

. . . that I met Eden years ago when her ex-boyfriend worked for Nigel at Stone Oven Pizza. LOTS of changes since then, thank goodness! I was re-introduced to Eden at Missy's wedding last year and spent a very small amount of time with her.

. . . that Eden and I have actually become friends through MySpace and our blogs! We pretty much know as much about each other as long-time friends, which is really pretty bizzare when you think about it. Oh, the age of technology. Today was the first time we really spent time together. I think we've been missing out! Kingston and I had tons of fun today! Blogging is awesome but there's nothing quite like real life human interaction. I think we will make more efforts to hang out when she and Riya are in town. Or maybe we will make a trip to Brooklyn!

. . . that neither Eden nor I took a single picture of our get-together! I mean, the 2 blog-obsessed girls, together, with their 2 cute as can be kids and not a picture was taken. How's a girl to post without a cute picture? Will anyone still read my post without one? Oh, dear.

. . . that Kingston is STILL asleep. I hope I didn't just jinx myself!

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'Mrs. B' said...

I thought the same thing after we left...not even one picture! How ever are we to blog about our adventures together!

Next time we are photographing everything! Looking forward to Thursday!!

(And you guys are more than welcome to visit us in Brooklyn ANYtime!)