Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday!

We are home from the fun wedding weekend! And it just happens to be Not Me Monday! So we will jump right in!
I DID NOT. . .
. . . decide on the 4 hour car ride home that I would wait a few days to post about Kerry's wedding so that I could post Not Me's first and then devote a whole post to the weekend. I mean, I would want my very own post if I were Kers. I am TOTALLY sure this is the most important thing on her mind as she and her new husband get back to NYC and then pack for their honeymoon to Malaysia and Thailand.
. . . NOT shave my legs before the wedding because my husband wasn't with me, no one else would be touching my legs, and I was too lazy. I definitely love to shave my legs and do it daily. Right.
. . . feed Kingston Goldfish, wheat bread, fruit bars and yogurt bites all weekend. And not much else (other than formula, of course). Oops.
. . . let Kingston cry/scream for 20 minutes in the car because we were "almost there, buddy, just a few more minutes!" and because I didn't want to stop until we had reached Target-our first destination.
. . . listen to Baby Signing Time at least 14 times while it played on repeat in front of Kingston's face to and from Chapel Hill. I am NOT a HUGE fan of the portable DVD player for long trips. And I would NEVER let my child watch that much TV. Good thing I didn't do that.
. . . leave Kingston with a babysitter that I had never met 2 nights in a row. In a hotel room. And Lars and I didn't share the sitter, and the second night, the sitter DID NOT sit in Lauren's room with sleeping McLain while sleeping Kingston was in the next room by himself (with a monitor on, of course). Nope. I'm way too overprotective for that.
. . . I am NOT ignoring Kingston right now while he tries to crawl out Able's doggie door. I am NOT waiting until his feet are actually out the door before I peel myself off the couch to grab him and bring him back in.
I think that should do it for this week. I DIDN'T do a lot more things but my kid is on the porch by himself in the 40 degree weather in a T-shirt and no socks. I should really go get him. Stay tuned for wedding fun!
**********Edited to read: I DID NOT forget to direct you to the original Not Me Monday Mama, McMama at My Charming Kids. She is a hoot. Check her out and see how many other people participate in Not Me Monday! It's crazy!


'Mrs. B' said...

I love your Not Me! posts!! :)

...and am impatiently waiting to hear how your jeans...I mean, how Kingston- did at the wedding! ;)

Ashley Griffin said...

great posts! hope your baby didn't get too cold outside. at least you remembered to go get him :)