Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stellan Will Live!

Who is Stellan, you are wondering? Stellan is the unborn baby boy of McMama, who I am clearly obsessed with. I mean, I think I have posted more about My Charming Kids than I have about my own kid!! Anyway, read her blog to see who Stellan is, and will be, in less than a week. Pretty amazing story.

Remember when I won the caption contest on McMama's blog? Well, I got my prize in the mail yesterday. I am the proud new owner of 5 orange bracelets that say "Stellan Will Live" and "". I love the bracelets and now need to find 4 other friends to give one to. Let me know if you are dying for one and I'll think about sending it to you! I will be wearing my bracelet to the Harvest Heyday at the Elizabethan Gardens this afternoon. (Don't worry. I'll take pictures and report back!)


Kingston spent ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT with Nana and Grandpa yesterday. I had to work at Pig Stein all day and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Kingston to practice spending the night away from home. According to Nana's report, everything went quite well. We will have to take advantage of this option more often, although I will admit to missing the little guy quite a bit. Nigel and I giggled in bed last night when we both said that the house was too quiet without him. I mean, the kid doesn't even make any noise at 11:25 at night, so why did we think it was extra quiet?!

Anyway, I'm glad to have him home and Nana must still be a big fan because she agreed to go to Harvest Heyday with us this afternoon! We just can't get enough of this kid!


Rendy said...

You are right..........Nana and Grandpa "just can't get enough of this kid!" He was perfect for the entire visit and we will gladly have him back any time. I have been reading about Stellan and the whole family will certainly be in my thoughts as the big day arrives. What a blessing to have so many people praying for them.

Melissa said...

Congrats on the arrival of the bracelets.

Hope you all are feeling lots better and had a wonderful weekend!