Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stuff and Things

We live in a really great place. Sometimes we forget it, but when we do take advantage of it, it reminds me of how lucky we are. Nigel, Kingston and I have gone to the beach almost every evening for the past week. Fall on the Outer Banks is always amazing, and this year is no different. There have been waves, so Nigel has surfed, and Kingston and I have wallowed in the sand. The weather has been perfect and the beach has been beautiful. Kingston loves to be outside and often fusses when we go inside!

I am not posting this to rub it in to all of you poor souls who live. . . no, I can't even say the dreaded word. It is too harsh. Too cruel. But you might not understand what I'm trying to say, so I will try it again. I am not posting this to rub it in to all of you poor souls who live. . . inland. Oooh. I'm truly sorry about that. I'm just sharing one of the fun, special, family-type outings we have been having this week. If you live. . . inland. . . I'm sorry about your luck. Come visit! It sure is beautiful here.
Kingston crawled today. Now, don't get me wrong, he has been mobile for weeks now, but his favorite form of mobility has been the army crawl (effectively graying the front of all of his light colored shirts). Today he legitimately crawled. And Nana was here to witness it. In the past 2 days, Kingston has more than made up for his slow attempts at getting around. He is cruising, really crawling, and climbing on things. He even pushes his Thomas the Tank Engine toy and walks behind it! He stayed standing all by himself for about 2 seconds today! I guess he's just been saving up and is now letting it all out.
Kingston can wave and give high 5's on demand. Well, most of the time. He often likes to wave at people who aren't really even looking at him or at inanimate objects, but that's OK. Sometimes he performs!
My good friend Kerry is getting married in Chapel Hill this weekend. I am SO excited to see it all go down! I haven't been to Chapel Hill in a long time and Kingston has never been there, and Kerry has never even met Kingston. I am looking forward to spending a weekend with my college friends and seeing Kerry marry her best friend, Joe. I remember perfectly the day we told Kerry that she would end up dating her "just friend" Joe. We were in Chapel Hill, and I think we where headed to the airport to either pick someone up or drop them off. I also remember the morning in Charleston when we woke up to find Kers showing off the new ring that Joe had given her on the beach in the rain at 6 a.m.! So much fun.

Nigel can't go with us to Chapel Hill because he has been invited to participate in a local surf contest, The Battle of the Banks, and the waiting period for the contest starts on Sunday. If he were with me in Chapel Hill and they decided to have the contest on Sunday, we would probably end up divorced!!! I'm so excited and proud that he was chosen as 1 of 12 surfers to represent the Outer Banks against the wankers of Virginia Beach! I'm sad he won't be with us this weekend, but I totally support his decision to stick around, just in case. I am hoping the contest runs on Monday or Tuesday so that Kingston and I can cheer him on to victory! I'll keep you posted on that one.
Have you ever tried M&M's Premiums? That's all I'm going to say on that subject (and I promise no one is paying me to plug them!).
Please visit the CF Husband blog and show them some love. It looks like Tricia has developed a cancer that is not responding to treatment. This little family SO deserves a break. Say a prayer for them, please.
So that was a bunch of random stuff. I looked back on my blog posts from the past few weeks and realized that most of them were Not Me Monday posts. So that means I've pretty much been posting once or twice a week. I must do better than that. I appreciate it when my favorite bloggers do better than that. So here. Random stuff. And remember that I will be out of town until Sunday afternoon. I'll update then!


Rendy said...

Those late afternoon trips to the beach as a family are wonderful memories for me too. We are blessed in so many ways! About the crawling, yes I am happy to be a witness! Kingston is so precious and he is growing up so is amazing. I love every minute with him...and his Mom, Dad, Uncle Mark and Grandpa too!
Love, Nana

MilePost13 said...

Thank you.