Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stellan Has Arrived!

MckMama Twittered and posted only hours after giving birth to Stellan! There are pictures and everything! I seem to remember not being able to send pictures for a few days after Kingston was born since The Outer Banks Hospital doesn't have wireless internet!?? Is that even legal these days?!
So take a gander at sweet baby Stellan. He is a cute little guy and seems to be doing quite well.
Kingston and I had another uneventful day. We did a little (and I do mean little) work this morning and then spent the chilly, windy day in the house. We went to dinner at LaFogata with Nana and Grandpa and Uncle Mark since Nigel is still out of town. Nigel doesn't quite appreciate "dirty Mexican" like the King family does! I usually try to go there when he is not in town so that I can get my fix without having the "but it isn't authentic Mexican food" discussion. I don't care what it is. I like it! And Kingston enjoyed the chicken from my Quesadilla Deluxe and some refried beans.
Nigel comes home tomorrow and Kingston and I are really glad. We have missed him this week and look forward to him coming home just in time to go Trick or Treating Under the Sea! Safe travels, Dad. See you tomorrow!

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'Mrs. B' said...

I hope you guys can stop by tomorrow! What are you and Kingston doing for Halloween?