Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Prout

And I don't mean Chris' parents! I mean Lee and Chris Prout. They are married. It was awesome.

I was in charge of arranging the beautiful cup cakes that Lee made all by herself on the cake table. It was all I could do not to lick my fingers multiple times! They turned out so great and looked pretty darn good after I was done with them (toot, toot).

I made the "cake topper" birds for Lee as her shower gift and they looked so cute on the top tier.

The weather was amazing and Lee and Chris were married under the big oak tree next to the sunken garden at the Elizabethan Gardens. They looked so happy!

This is Lee's face when she spotted Kingston in the crowd. Priceless!

Kingston and Nana were my dates for the wedding. They stayed at the reception long enough to have a drink. Fizzy pink lemonade. Kingston LOVED it! Well, once he got used to the bubbles tickling his nose!

Don't worry. Kingston wasn't the only one guzzling beverages! His just happened to be non-alcoholic!

I'm a big sucker for a father/daughter dance. This one got me, too!

The High Cotton heirarchy was there. We sure will miss having Lee-Lee around! (Sorry, Matt. My big head is in the way of your big head!)

Congratulations, Lee and Chris! You looked so beautiful and your wedding was so perfect. We are so happy for you and look forward to sharing a part of your new lives together. We'll come visit when you move to Brooklyn. Just don't go all Yankee on us!!!


And just because he is so cute, a few pictures of my silly little boy.

My Handsome Wedding Date

He Not Only Plays with the Door, He Now Crawls Right In!

I Think He Is the Blonde Ale!


Rendy said...

Great pictures and great script as always! The wedding was beautiful and the "company" so good was perfect! Your birdies were so perfect too. What a great day. I know that Lee and Chris will be so happy.

Lee said...

Thanks, Lori! Chris and I loved seeing the pictures! We had so much fun on Saturday. We can't stop talking about how great everything turned out to be--thanks to help from family and friends like you. You did a beautiful job with the cupcakes! Those pictures of Kingston are too cute. I'm glad he enjoyed the pink lemonade. Thanks again for everything.