Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Word of Advice. . .

Don't chase your 1 year old around the bathroom with the waistband of his pajama bottoms on your head with the striped legs hanging down like long ears. It doesn't go over so hot. Just take my word for it.


Yet another big day for the Family Haynes. We went to the YMCA this morning and swam in the pool. (Yikes. A bathing suit? In January? Yeah. Yikes. Trust me.) Kingston had a great time. I have to admit that it is a bit tricky to change out of my dripping suit while attempting to make sure the crawling semi-naked baby didn't either crawl into the hallway or crawl into an unsuspecting Y-goer's bathroom or shower stall. More than once I nearly forgot that I was not entirely clothed while chasing Kingston through the locker room. Lucky for me, there's not too much going on in the locker room on a Saturday morning. That is, except for the 2 little 9 year old girls who asked me to help them with a number of things such as pinning the straps of their bathing suits so they wouldn't fall off (to which I heard them whisper "she was really nice" as they went around the corner!) and shutting their lockers tight and untying a knot in their bikini string.

This afternoon we went for a bike ride to the park. It was a bit chilly for a ride but we went for it anyway. Nana and Grandpa met us there for a quick visit on their way to K-Mart.

The boy loves to swing. Is this pure pleasure, or what?!

Climbing, sliding, etc. It was a good time.

Until. . .

Time to leave. 3 big things wrong here. 1. Nana and Grandpa were leaving. 2. K was forced to put on the dreaded helmet. 3. It was cold as all get-out. Kingston was pissed! He cried a good portion of the 5 minute ride home and dropped his pacifier twice. His face was a juicy mess what with the tears, snot and drool, and had to have been freezing by the time we got home. As I was getting his helmet off, my frozen, hard, too-long nails pinched his little neck and the crying started again. Oops. Good times.

Overall, we had another fun day. Man, I can't wait til the spring when the weather warms up and stays warm. That will insure easier bike rides and trips to the park.


Rendy said...

That last picture is a tough one! I can't stand to see those tears! Spring will be very welcome. No more gloves and heavy coats and many more warm bike trips to the park. The boy does love a swing!

SADIE, GABE and ASHLEY said...

Swimming in the Hamptons (Roads YMCA that is...) & rolling down the Boardwalk to Park Place with entourage & paparazzi in tow....doesn't get any better than that!!!

Lee said...

Oh, I miss the Y! Kingston is a lucky baby with his swimming, swinging, and bike riding.