Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I bought an expensive pair of jeans today. There. I said it. And I should have spent the money on something else. Pretty much anything BUT this pair of expensive jeans. But I liked them, they looked good on me, and they made me happy. They will serve as my "dressy" jeans that I will wear to the rehearsal dinner of my friends Kerry and Joe this weekend. And I better wear them to EVERY dressy/casual occasion for the next 5 years. They were expensive, at least to cheap old me. But as my brother always says, it's just money. They make it every day. In fact, they're printing it somewhere right now.

I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest. Please don't tell my husband. He knows I got a pair of jeans, but he doesn't know that I spent all of the money I made catering Saturday night on just ONE pair of jeans. Oops. But at least my cousin Jason bought my breakfast this morning! That was $6.00 that I DIDN'T spend today. That's good, right?

Enough about that. Let's talk about my cousin Jason visiting from Charlotte. He comes a handful of times every year and I look forward to his visits every time. We always try to get together at least once while he is here, and try to squeeze in breakfast at The Dunes if at all possible. It was possible today and it was yummy! We spent most of our breakfast remembering "the good old days" of our childhood. For the brief time that we lived in the same town, Jason and I were best buds. We spent lots of time together and made tons of great memories. Hey, Jay, remember singing John Denver and thinking the words were, "thank God I'm a crunchy boy?"! As far as cousins go, I think Jason and I have a pretty special bond and I hope we stay in contact forever.

He leaves tomorrow but I hope he comes back to visit again soon. Have you forgotten about the expensive jeans? Good! That was the point of the cousin story!!!! Thanks, Jason. I owe you one!


Rendy said...

Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do. Enjoy the jeans! I know you will look great in them. And that cousin of yours....yes he is a very special guy. I love hearing about the memories that you have already and your plan to make more together. Thats what "family" is all about!
Love, Mom

Melissa said...

Good for you! It's nice to spoil yourself every once in a while.
You deserve them!

Lee said...

I think it's practical to buy a very nice pair of jeans. We all wear jeans way more than any other type of clothing. It's silly that it's more acceptable to spend a lot on a nice dress that will be worn way less than a pair of jeans.