Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat Under the Sea

Trick or Treat Under the Sea is chaotic. It is busy. It is packed. It is a lot of fun if you are, oh, maybe 4 years old or older. If you are a 10 month old baby, it is pretty much insane. The North Carolina Aquarium does a really great job putting this on every year. This was our first time going and I was really impressed with the costumes, decorations, and turn-out. Kingston will love it in a few years.
And I forgot my camera. So no actual pictures of the chaos. Luckily, I took some photos of Kingston before the Mommy and Me party on Monday. He wasn't a big fan of the hat. Drat.

He's a pretty cute engineer. I, for one, would go anywhere his train was heading!

Before we met up with Nigel at the Aquarium (yay, Dad is home!), we went over to Eden's parents' house for Little Miss' birthday party. She is 2 years old today! Happy Birthday Riya! Kingston loved playing with Riya's toys and checking out the other kiddies. We got to see Missy's mom and sister, too, who I hadn't seen since Missy's wedding last year when I was only a few weeks pregnant and wasn't telling anyone. (Missy, have I made you significantly jealous yet? I'm sorry!) We left before cake, but we had a fun time at the party.


Well, as I mentioned, Nigel is home. I have missed him this week. I'm going to go chat with him before I hit the sack. We've been partying all day. I'm pooped!


Melissa said...

Kingston is adorable in his costume!

And yes, I am jealous beyond belief!

Rendy said...

What a handsome engineer! I happened to see him in person and the pictures just do not do him justice. When he came down the hall on his Thomas the Tank Engine, tooting the engine "horn", in his full would go with him anywhere! So precious.....